Discover the Best Long Weave Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

A right hairstyle can make a woman look feminine. It helps to mask body imperfections. Choose a right haircut and your face will look slimmer.

To choose the most appropriate hairstyle it is not easy. It is a good option to visit a professional for what purposes. Hairdressers will assess a shape of a face and propose the most relevant haircuts.

The most attractive long weave hairstyles for women with round faces

Long weave hair always looks beautiful. It makes face looking longer and more delicate. Strands can be left straight, curled or intertwined. Whatever variant you choose long weave hairstyles for women with round faces is a right option.

If you would not like to look like many other women around, a good idea is to individualize your haircut. Discover the most creative haircuts for women with round faces:

  • Straight strands with symmetric tips. It is a great hairdo for ladies that value classic styles. Such a hairdo look great with casual or business clothes. It also makes a face looking slimmer.
  • Curly long strands. If you have curly hair you can still wear your hair long. To make your strands looking more accurate it is a good idea to use a styling gel.
  • Long haircut with plaids. Plaid is a great style detail for romantic women. It makes every hairdo looking romantic. Wearing such a hairdo is a good way to express personal individuality.
  • Stacked long strands. If you like modern hairstyles getting stacked strands is a right choice. You can style your hair with a get or mousse. It will help you to fix a ‘stacked’ effect.
  • Wave long strands. Today waved strands are popular than ever before. You can style hair this way by yourself or use the help of professional hairdressers. It is a perfect hairdo for females with round faces.
  • Long hair with bangs. A bang helps to make your look a unique one. You can get a symmetric or asymmetric bang. It is a perfect detail to underline the beauty of a face.

  • Red color strands. The coloring is very important for every hairstyle. If you’re brave and want to impress, choose bright and controversial colors. You can choose red, violet or rose. You will see that your long strands will start to look in a different way.
  • Long strands with asymmetric strands. Today there exist many techniques of cutting tips in a creative way. Get asymmetric tips and your hairdo will look fascinating.
  • Long bob hairdo. Bob style is one of the most popular today. It is ideal for women with round face. Choose such a hairdo and you will look impressive. You can wear straight bob for everyday meeting and curled bob for evening celebrations.
  • Layered long strands for ladies. Layered hair is a major trend today. You can wear such hair everywhere. Layered principles of cut make strands looking voluminous.
  • Long hairdo with highlighting. Highlighting is one of the key technique of professional coloring today. Color your hair in balayage or ombre style and you will see how beautiful your haircut will become.

These are the major ideas to choose from. Choose the one you prefer, and sure consult a hairdresser.